Dump Trailer Rentals

Save money as compared to our Full Service Junk Removal by loading it yourself! We will place the trailer exactly where you need it and the doors open for easy loading!

Available in 3 sizes

17/cubic yards $419 + HST

12/cubic yards $349 + HST

6.5/cubic yards* $249 + HST

Please contact us to reserve your trailer or if you need more information.

*For 6.5 cubic yard trailer, small loose material should be in garbage bags. Large or medium size material can be put loose in the trailer. NO DENSE MATERIAL such as drywall, shingles, concrete, tile, brick, stone, soil, etc.

Service Areas

Brockville, Athens Township, Elizabethtown Township, Augusta Township, Prescott, Kemptville, Edwardsburg-Cardinal Township, Spencerville, Front of Yonge Township, Smiths Falls, Gananoque, Morrisburg

What We Take

We take just about anything! (With a few exceptions like hazardous goods such as paint, chemicals, etc.) Please have a look below at the list of the many things we take. This list is by no means complete! Please contact us for more information.

And much more!