Now Offering Subscription Garbage Service! Skip the Tags!

Here's how it works;
  • Once a month beginning on the day you sign up we will charge your credit card.
  • Each week you can put the number of bags out for the subscription you selected. Any mix of garbage/recycle.
  • Maximum weight per bag is 25lbs
  • Recycling to be packed in clear bags and can be co-mingled
  • A tag would need to be applied to any bags beyond your subscription limit.
  • The bag allotment is not transferable from week to week.
  • 3 Bag Subscription customers save the tax on all full service junk removal!
1 Bag/week - $12.50
2 Bags/week - $19.98
3 Bags/week - $28.99

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Where do we service?

Brockville, Athens Township, Elizabethtown Township, Augusta Township, Lyn, Tincap, Maitland
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Bag Tag System

Goodbye Junk provides weekly residential and business garbage pickup so that you can get rid of your garbage and recyclables the easy way!

  • 1 tag on each bag of garbage.
  • 1 tag on each bag of recycling.
  • Garbage bags to be a maximum of 57 Litre, 32" x 26" and to weigh no more than 25 pounds.
  • Recycling in clear bags and co-mingled.
  • Price per tag $2.50

Where To Buy Tags?

Maitland Post Office
13 George st.

Mrs. B's Variety Store
45 King St. E. Brockville

Greenham's General Store
9025 County rd. 15, North Augusta

Benson Tire
1000 Oxford Ave, Brockville

Pastry King's Princess
2404 S. Howard rd., Lyn

Lyn Village Store
30 W Main st, Lyn.